+ Stadtplan Wanderkarte, Landkarte, Radwanderkarte [Głuchołazy i West – Salzburger Land Süd Transalp: Von Zell am See bis Venedig, Grado. El Dorado Hills/ Cameron Park Stadtplan (Kalifornien – USA) West – Salzburger Land Süd Transalp: Von Zell am See bis Venedig, Grado und Triest. d’Ampezzo. Pieve di Cadore. Dobbiaco /. Toblach. Merano / Meran. Vipiteno /. Sterzing. Tarvisio. Tolmezzo. Monfalcone. Grado. Kranj. Nova. Gorica. Jesenice.

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Los proyectos donde cada una de sus partes constituyentes – sean software, algoritmos, trabajos creativos For just displaying GPS tracks, please have a look at Track drawing websites. Idiomas disponibles — List of OSM-based services. Retrieved from ” http: Pages unavailable in Italian Pages unavailable in Japanese Pages with broken file links. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 19 Mayat Muestra de la oscuridad del cielo medido con Sky Quality Meter.

Show the nearest physician certified for grown-up patients with congenital heart defects. Has some gimmicks like navigation by button tables and 2D rectangular markings. In future will show how much energy is produced in Germany by solar power. Project to create free and annotatable maps of the UK countryside. Users can add countryside-specific data on top of the maps.

Mobile Java Client is worked on see wiki-page. Map with tons of features, p. Most of the features cover only region of Slovakiamore. Apache-based offline Navigation and mapping-tools. Superfast zooming Slippy map without OpenLayers.

A Slippy Map that allows drawing of routes and calculates the distance travelled and shows elevations nicely. Worldmap for hitchhikers, showing hitching places with rating and description.

The aim of Map1. The effort is to realize the potential of OpenStreetMap data and create larger scale maps suitable for hiking, biking, skiing or geocaching and smaller scale maps applicable as a road atlas. The bold ambition is to create such a map that could be more than an adequate alternative to the standard OpenStreetMap style.

Leaflet Maps Marker – www. The very well designed maps rendered by this renderer online including hillshading and 3D isometric buildings.


ES:Lista de servicios basados en OSM

Shows you details of the German Wall. Map optimized for mobile devices with small screens, resolution adjustable. Upload and displaying of GPX-files implemented. Weather chart, Weather forecast. Generating free aerial images. Shows geotagged street photos in a very simple Google StreetView.

Slippy map with basic IPhone gesture-capabilities using iol. POIs on a Map. Show Your Places [14]. Russian website that provides search of state services, POI’s and routing to them and safe search. Very detailed map of the Campus at Hyattsville with event- and locationfinder and detailed pedestrian- routing.

Home – villa marin

Topographic maps based on OSM data. Currently limited to the United States. WebMapService of Europe [16]. Hillshade, Distance and area measurement, displaying information about map features and POIs; weekly geodata update. WebMapService of Europe [17]. Map of the counties of Great Britain and Ireland. Shows overlay of georeferenced Wikimedia commons images under different render of OSM. Geo QR-code generator for a selected point on the map. Selection of the QR Code foreground and background color.

Distance measurement in kilometers, miles, and nautical miles. Creating a Short Link to a path on the map. Short URL is www. OSM map data visualized in “vintage style” to get a look like an old sketchy map, a treasure map or a pirate map. Outdoor map with hillshading, elevation lines for hiking and biking. Download free offline maps.

Bicycle Routes by Pifpafpuf. Create and download gpx tracks or edit your uploaded ones for planning routes by bike. Lonvia ‘s Hiking Map.

Shows hiking trails around the world including the route symbols. With hillshading and relief. Lonvia ‘s Cycling Map. Shows cycling routes around the world including the route symbols. Lonvia ‘s MTB Map. Shows mountain biking routes around the world including the route symbols.

Lonvia ‘s Skating Map. Shows inline skating routes around the world including the route symbols. Scavenger hunt game where items mostly QR codes are found in the real world and captured using a smartphone.

ES:Lista de servicios basados en OSM – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Mapnik and OpenCycleMap options. Description of hiking and cycling trails, various amenities near staxtplan trail. Listing of trails by regions. Listing brado amenities and POI by regions. MTB map Europe [19]. Nop’s Reit- und Wanderkarte [20]. Dedicated trail riding and hiking map with shaded hills, elevations, tracktypes and route symbols.


Matching suite of slippy map, Garmin map, route editor, print map, places search and customized editor for hiking. Offers routing for hikers and riders. Slippy map with contours, hill colouring, cycle routes, bicycle parking and cafes that do fryups. Geolocate Photos of trails, paths, Shows access rights for cyclists and useful amenities like parking and compressed air stations. XC Ski Trail Map [25].

European Navigable Waterways map. Collection of MTB trails uploaded by users with detailed descriptions derived by tags gradk and mtb: User hrado easily download POIs in different formats or upload own points.

A portal for cultural tourism in the Region of Latium, Italy. The cartography is based on Openstreetmap and rendered with Geoserver. The portal contains background information and multimedia files for thousands of places, monuments and archaeological sites. Showing historical maps of Oakland on top of a own OSM map. WebGL technology, 3D buildings on a flat map, rotatable, shadows depending on time of day, visible rain depending on weather conditions.

OpenGL hardware-accelerated 3D renderer both tile renderer and realtime first-person engine. Isometric 3D map of Czech republic.

A static Map renderer is at [28]. Routing focused stadtpoan bikes no. Bike Citizens is a navigation app designed for and by cyclists, offers grwdo routing, predefined tours and various routing profiles. Let’s get serious about bike routing. BRouter offers routing for trekking and cycling with predefined profiles and the ability to modify and upload custom profiles. Calculate routes for motorcyclists. Allows the calculation of pleasant round trips. Kurviger preferes curvy roads and avoids cities.

Routing with Leaflet slippy map for pedestrians two typescyclists two types and cars in Switzerland only based on OSRM. Bicycle routing based on OSM data. Selected big cities currently 42 in U. Russian website that provides search of state services, POI’s and routing to them.