Special tools must be available, as described in the manual, together with good- .. Diesel engine models 15W / 18W / 32W are water-cooled, single-cylinder. Manuals for Farymann Diesel Engines. Owner and Workshop Manuals are important documents that should be part of every vessel’s library. They contain the. Farymann Diesel Engines Manual Pdf diesel engine series 15w / 18w – farymann diesel engines gmbh – table of contents

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In particular, malfunctions which could impair safety must be rectified immediately.

The engine must only be used as intended. 18q risk is borne solely by the user. They are built as single cylinder engines vertical cylinder configuration. The direct injection guarantees an outstanding level of efficiency, with low fuel consumption and excellent cold starting behaviour. As well as the clearly defined garymann code number, this refers to the order number SN and the date of construction.

This information must always be provided when making any enquiries or complaints, etc. When handling fuels, lubricants and other chemical substances, follow the safety regulations which apply to the product.

Do not smoke when handling inflammable fuels or lubricants. Vapours from lubricating oil or fuel may catch fire if they come into contact with sources of kanual. Before you start the engine in an enclosed environment, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation.

Ensure that the engine only slows down to full stop after 10 – 20 seconds! If there are any safety devices on the engine, or on the machine into which the engine is built, they must be refitted when the maintenance and repair work farymnan been finished.

The requirements for this are as follows: Place suitable container under the drain hole. Remove 2 farynann and cupper washers, remove oilscreen Caution Clean oilscreen carefully. Air cleaner Engines installed in Generating Sets Aircleaner-assy done from equipment manufac- torer.

Fuel lines, fuel filter Remove banjo bolts, copper washers from injec- tion pump and injector. If existing — remove fuel filter bracket, setscrews and spring washers. Close ports of injection pump and injector with banjo bolts to prevent dirt.

Caution Use only original fuel filter and fuel persistened fuel lines for replacement. High pressure fuel line: Loosen the high pressure fuel line by holding a 14 mm wrench on the delivery valve while un- screwing the fuel line fitting Loosen the high pressure line at the injector in farymahn same way.

Remove the valve cover by removing the lock nuts and the plastic washers. If necessary tap the cover lightly with a soft faced hammer. Dis- card plastic washers and valve cover gasket. Remove the 2 locknuts and washers 1 holding the protection tube retaining spring.


Decompression release Remove 2 screws and pull the decompression Release out of the gearhousing. Check gasket and o-seal. Caution Take care not to loose the guide pin!


With missing guide pin shaft will move out when engine is in operation! Piston Rotate the flywheel until the piston is in TDC — position. Use a needle nose plier to remove the piston pin retainer. With a drift pin gently hammer piston pin out of the piston from flywheel-side.

Crankhandle guide Remove the 2 crankhandle guide screws. Pull of the guide in a twisting motion. Gear end cover Remove the 6 allen screws and pull off the gear end cover.


If necessary tap with a soft faced hammer. Pull off the inj. If necessary turn the flywheel to decrease force from the camshaft-side.

Caution Leave gasket and shimson the gear end hous- ing. Re-install hex nuts and lock washers on their studs. Speed control assembly Remove the retaining ring from the eccenter shaft using a pliers. Unhook the outer torsion spring from the tarymann use a pliers and watch out for your fin- gers.

Oil pump Remove the oil pump and valve bracket by un- screwing the 3 mounting screws. Flywheel Remove the oil pump and valve bracket by un- screwing the 3 mounting screws. Leave the flywheel nut on the shaft. Install fly- wheel puller and turn the screws until the fly- wheel breaks loose from the crankshaft tapper.

Crankshaft Remove the crankshaft from the crankcase, be- ing careful not to drag the crankshaft gear on the main bearing bushing. Use a puller to pull of the crankshaft gear. In case the roller bearing needs replacement, replace also the inner race, which is shrunk fit on to the crankshaft.

Crankcase Press the bearing 18a with a suitable driver. Caution Take care that the joining line of the bearing bush is located as fsrymann and that the oil holes in the bushing and in the crankcase bore are properly linedup. Main bearing housing Press the outer race of the driver into the bear- ing cover. Insert the retaining ring with pliers.

Press the oil sealing ring into the housing using the correct driver. Oilpump Reassemble oilpump with thin pressure relief plate, spring retaining clip and gasket. Before tightening the screws to specified torque pull the pump downwards. The clearance in the screw holes allows a sufficient backslash between crankshaft gear and pump gear.

Farymann Diesel 15W Repair Manual

These are matcjing marks i. Oil the bearing shells and install conrod into the crankcase until it seats on the crank pin. Insert conrod cap through the bottom inspection cover Attention The stamped numbers must be aligned on the Use another driver as counter pressure piece for the bearing.

Make sure that the bearing sears fully against the seat flange. Install camfol- lower for the injection pump and tighten the 118w screw.


Farymann Diesel 18W Manuals

Attention Initiate performance test. The tension of the return spring must be acting against the pressure onto the seting screw. Speed control – Stationary The fzrymann torsion spring pulls the acceleration lever from the stop-position back into idle- position. Check nanual piston ring gaps are degrees offset. Compress rings with ring compressor. Lay the cylinder down on the bench with bottom facing up.

Install piston from farymqnn side of the cylinder. Never tap on the piston crown. On the shorter garymann — intake side —fit the tote bracket and cylinder haed nut without washer. Gear end cover To install the gear manuak cover, first bring the pis- ton to TDC Top dead center position by aligning the flywheel timing mark with the TDC mark stamped on the crankcase. Insert the governor pin into the bore in the gov- ernor. Install the gear end cover. Align the flywheel mark and the crankcase timing mark.

Check timing marks on camshaft gear and gear end cover. The timing is acceptable if these are within manaul — To do so install the decompression device with the 0,4 mm thick gasket. Continue with steps 14, 15 and Turn the flywheel approx. Set piston on TDC compression stroke. Use a manuap mm feeler gauge to control and reset the valve clearance of both valves. Injection pump Place acceleration lever in full load max speed position and pull excess fuel button.

Place rod of the fuel injection pump to max position. When sliding in the pump, the pin of the rod must grip into the yoke of the control lever. Install engine on test bench mznual carry out test run.

The engine does not require a long time running-in program. After a ahort run according to low specifications the engine is ready for normal operation. Oil pressure check The oil pressure depends mostly on the wearing conditions of the bearings. Before checking the oil pressure make sure that the oil level is topped and oil with correct viscosity is used. Remove the oil channel plug screw and connect oil pressure gauge with adaptor.

Fuel injector, injector nozzle The injector nozzle injects the fuel in a fine mist and under a high pressure into the combustion space. Due to the high mechanical and thermal stress, the nozzle requires regular maintenance. Carbon resuides on the nozzle tip are removed with a brass wire brush. Excess starting fuel button For ease of starting all engines are fitted with an excess starting pull button. A cone limits the travel of the fuel rack.