Play · Technology · Workshop. Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna by Biotele on July 7, Table of Contents. Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna. Nick sent in this great build for improving your WiFi connection. There are a lot of different ways to make WiFi antennas, many of them featured.

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I could be very wrong though.

I think that is his point. Learn how to make your own Yagi WiFi antenna Related: Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making. What tp it do to the 5GHz emissions of a dual-frequency router? Subscribe to Make Magazine Today!

Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna | DIY | Pinterest | Wifi, Wifi antenna and Ham radio

Hence the received power will be unchanged. Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. Yoghurt instead of yogurt? Just like wiif but the Comcast router also is active on WiFi. And this is why dB is an insane system of units.

How To: Make a simple WiFi Yagi antenna

Normal 9dBi yagi antennas have a lot more elements to reach that number — the driven element, the reflector, and at least three directors. Who ever thought that was a good idea? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Buy the router as above.


I quote my words above: Maybe some empirical testing would be worth mentioning. This one only has one director. The simulation predicts 8. When we take huild new Wi-Fi router from its box, the stock antenna is a short plastic stub with a reverse SMA plug on one end.

With more antenna gain, the power needs to be reduced.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Because it would take many times longer to print than to measure out and cut, never mind the design time. In other words, the receiver uses whichever antenna easj the strongest signal. Buy the router yourself as seen above. Notify me of new comments via email.

A Simple Yagi Antenna For Your Wi-Fi Router | Hackaday

If I wanted to find Wifi transmitters on a certain frequency, what kind of antenna would I use? Sign up for the Make: I think you missed the point that Wireless LAN is not unidirectional. Antenja sent in this great build for improving your WiFi connection. Your changes have been ewsy. I entirely understand that, having been involved in and using WLANs since before To assume that you cannot to any degree focus the energy in one direction more than the stock antenna already did is to assume that the EIRP of the router with the stock antenna was already sitting right at maximum.


You are commenting using your WordPress. While it is a half-duplex technology, there are no receivers and transmitters. A number of very much type-approved directional antennas frequently used in commercial WiFi in the USA disagree with your statement as it is written….

Be aware that, to remain legal, if you use a 10dB antenna then you must reduce the transmit power by 10dB. The transmit power is unchanged, only the EIRP increases in the main direction.

These antennas do a reasonable job of covering a typical home, because a vertical sleeve dipole is omnidirectional. Give it a try, and bring connectivity back to far-flung corners of your home!